5 Empowering Tips For Women in Business

Women are becoming a powerful force in the world of business, with 36 per cent of businesses being run by entrepreneurial women. However, women still face tough times in the business environment and some struggle to stand their ground or make their mark. Use these 5 tips to become the best women in business you can be!

1. Be Passionate About What You Do

It doesn’t matter how knowledgeable you are about a subject or what degrees or experience you have if you don’t love what you do. Without the passion or drive for business, you won’t be able to make your mark!

2. Keep Learning

The absolute key identifier in all successful business people is this: they keep learning. Apple didn’t make the original iPhone and say “We made it!”. They kept learning, refined their processes and kept designing until they made a better one. Again and again.

3. Network! Network! Network!

There’s a popular saying, ‘only 30 per cent of job opportunities are advertised’. The flip side of this means ’70 per cent of jobs are filled through networks’. As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know, but who you know” – so make sure you know a lot of people! Network to make meaningful, equally beneficial relationships with others. How can they help you? Now, how can you help them?

4. Accept Mistakes and Move On

Mistakes happen; everyone makes them. Successful people are those who can get up and keep going, especially after a mistake has knocked them down. Review what went wrong and adjust your course for a better trajectory to success!

5. Be Confident

Don’t dress for where you are, dress for where you want to be. Looking good and feeling good are key in feeling confident, so dress up and be proud. Find clothes that you feel good in and wear them! If you’re stuck in a lousy work uniform that you think you can’t look good in, then adopt ‘power poses’! Power poses are great for short bursts of confidence (perfect before an interview!) and are scientifically proven to increase confidence and reduce stress after just two minutes!

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Shane Macfarlane

Shane's an Australian Chartered Accountant, business growth specialist and tax specialist. Shane's passionate about startups, using online software and technology in business, helping businesses to grow, tax minimisation and accounting. In fact Shane's also so committed to helping clients, he's founded and invested in a digital marketing and website development business, X Digital to help clients grow and market their businesses.

Beyond tax and accounting, Shane's an entrepreneur, having devised, created and founded a successful accounting startup, Fifo Workpapers (acquired by accounting software giant, Intuit inc. in 2013).

In short Shane's a accounting, tax and software techno-geek, who recognised that Australian startups and small businesses were unable to obtain the specialist advice and quality service, that they needed from their accountants. Accordingly, Shane founded Live Accounting to provide Australian small businesses with access to specialist, quality advice at fair and reasonable prices (no hourly rates, fees quoted upfront with unlimited support included) . . . receive the support and advice you need without having to take second-mortgage to pay your accountant's bill! Speak to Shane & the team today.
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