About Us

We’re different . . . very, very different!

We’re different to most accountants you’ll come across because we don’t just “talk the talk”, we “walk the walk” too! We’ve stood in your shoes.

Outside of our practice, we’ve run businesses, advised startups, assisted startups and we even founded and exited our own successful startup – Fifo Workpapers (acquired by accounting industry giant, Intuit in July 2013)!

But we’re different in more ways again. We don’t follow traditional accounting industry models as we believe that clients deserve better than that.

Open & Transparent

We refuse to charge hourly rates as we believe that these are grossly unfair to clients as they reward accountants for their own inefficiencies. That’s why all our fees are fixed and agreed in advance with you before you engage our services, meaning that you’ll always know where you stand, and you’ll never receive a nasty surprise when your bill arrives.

Support whenever you need . . . as often as you need

We also believe that business is challenging, difficult and stressful and that you need a skilled and experienced accountant in your corner . . . a resource you can depend upon to guide, advise and strategise with you as a true partner focused on your business success.

That’s why every service we offer comes with unlimited accounting support! We encourage all of our clients to contact us whenever they need, safe in the knowledge that the clock is never on and that we’ll do all that we can to help!


Why Choose Us?

We’re entrepreneurial accountants who totally live and breathe all things accounting & technology!

We’re constantly exploring, experimenting, testing and leveraging new software/technology in our own firm . . . and we use our knowledge to drive efficiencies and increase profits in our clients businesses . . . so they can focus on what they do best.

We know what it takes! How many other accountants and advisors can say that?! Yep . . . we’re a rare breed . . . part accountants, part techno-geeks and 100% passionate and totally committed to your success.