Our Values

  • Leveraging Technology

    At Live Accounting, we believe that harnessing technology to run your business efficiently, increases your profitability and creates an edge over your competition. That's why we constantly test new software so that we can improve your business so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

  • Creating Value

    Our core focus is to create value for you and your business. We do this by constantly strategising and looking for ways to help you improve your profitability and cashflow first. Minimising your tax (within the law) is also an important focus but we believe in profits first, and tax minimisation next!

  • Driving Growth

    At Live Accounting our sole aim is to assist your businesses to grow – it’s why we exist! But we’ll also seek to legally minimise your taxes too! As a client of ours we’ll help you to attract customers, increase sales and grow your business.


  • Proactive Advice

    Most accountants are like scorekeepers that put the score up on the board . . . 3 months after the game is finished! Too late to make a difference! We prefer to keep track of the score along the way and coach the team to win, before the game is finished!


  • Unlimited Support

    Under the accounting industry's traditional model of hourly rates, rest assured that if it takes an hour longer to do something, most accountants will charge you the extra hour! We think that's grossly unfair, as it doesn't encourage your accountant to work efficiently. That's why we refuse to charge hourly rates! Our fees are fixed, and all our plans include unlimited support - the clock is never on, so we encourage our clients to contact us as often as they need!