Life as a small business owner is hectic as you know! You’re so busy running your business and managing the competing demands, between customers, suppliers, staff, admin and more that there’s barely enough time to scratch yourself!

Its difficult to be across everything and with so many competing demands there’s the danger that everything suffers. When it comes to your customers, sales and growing your business, it’s critical that you get this right as it can be the difference between winning and losing.


Wasting hours and hours on administration every week?

If you’re spending hours and hours dealing with the administration and bookkeeping of your business, this is taking precious time away from marketing and growing your business, on looking after your customers and increasing your sales and profitability.

All too often, we see small businesses fall into the trap of trying to do everything on their own in the hope that they save a few dollars. But in reality the opposite occurs. Every hour that you spend bogged down processing bank transactions, entering invoices, dealing with payroll and reconciling your accounts is time that you could be spent increasing sales and growing the business.


Do what you do best – outsource the rest

Sadly, time is limited, and so the key is to do it smarter, not work harder. Every successful business that we’ve seen focuses only on what they do best and outsource the rest, particularly when it’s not their area of expertise.

But smart business owners also know that if you’re going to outsource, then you need to get ‘bang for your buck’ and so it doesn’t necessarily make sense to hire an admin person or a new staff member.

At Live Accounting our experienced team of bookkeepers and accountants will take away the stress and hassle of keeping your books at a fixed monthly price. To help deliver ‘bang for your buck’, we’ll utilise the latest technology and smart, streamlined processes to ensure that your books are smoothly kept up to date, leaving you with more time to concentrate on doing what you are best at . . . growing your business.