Bill Crang

A co-founder of our digital marketing arm X Digital, Bill’s developed a passion for driving business results via the the analytical application of technological solutions over 12 years in the digital media business.

With an educational background in marketing and economics Bill has always sought to not just create marketing messages that resonate with a target audience but understand why and how the audience responds in order continually improve the response.

An ongoing taste for new and exciting challenges saw Bill – first relocate to Asia and fall in love with the fast paced opportunity filled lifestyle available and then create a vehicle to bring this to an ever growing network of clients via X.Digital.

Bill’s underpinning approach to creating solutions to our clients needs is a down to earth understanding of the factors driving the business at the core and an open minded view of the ways clients can and will discover, engage and trade with those businesses.

Greatest accomplishment:
Building a team that can make a meaningful difference to so many client businesses at once. As we continue to grow the difference we can make will continue to grow exponentially. Bring it on!
Never leave home without:
Motivation! Each and every day is an opportunity to change things for the better. Why not make the most of them all?
Best advice ever received:
Embrace change. Change is a never ending opportunity. To shy away from change is to give someone else the chance to take advantage of it.